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Food additives should be standardized

Time: 2015-11-25 09:47:50Copyfrom: Nantong alchemy biotech development Co., Ltd.
The so-called food additives, is to improve the food quality and color, flavor and taste, as well as the need for anti-corrosion and processing technology to join the chemical synthesis or natural substances in food. Today, food additives everywhere, the application is very wide no food additives, there is no modern food industry. At present, China approved the use of food additives are 6 major categories, 22 small, 1500 kinds of food additives according to sources can be divided into two major categories of natural and chemical synthesis, according to their uses can be divided into essence, pigment, antioxidant, antiseptic, etc.. Foreign additives are more common. The use of food additives in accordance with national standards is safe, the problem is in the abuse. Country GB2760 "food additive use sanitary standards" has been clearly defined food additives of allows the use of varieties and usage, but the abuse or excessive use of food additives is still occur from time to time. To this end, the relevant people call, as soon as possible to improve the standards and regulations related to food additives, can fundamentally control the problem of abuse of additives.
Safety of additives
Industrial production of food are mostly containing food additives, there are artificial synthesis, there are natural extraction. Whatever, as long as the national regulations and standards, is not harmful to the health of the body. Can now on the market there is food additives used in food additives, such as excessive use of preservatives, etc.; the other is to use non food additives instead of food additives. As we all know, Sudan red, malachite green is actually industrial dye, but unscrupulous companies to save costs for food. Such food, eat the human body is certainly harmful. At present, people's life including three meals a day of staple food and non-staple food inside almost all contain additives. Noodles with additives tensile strength is good, bite up bars, eating up the taste. With its unique surface active role in the application of its unique surface, it can make the water evenly distributed in the dough, and can improve the water holding capacity, and enhance the water absorption, is conducive to the maturity of cooking. Peanut, walnut kernels of this kind of food oily, meet high temperature weather and is easy to deteriorate, add appropriate amount of antioxidant can delay the oxidative deterioration of oils and fats. Ham, put a long time easy to shrink, adding thickener, flavor agent, tastes fragrant and tender. Food in our daily life often can not be separated from the additives. There are pigment, sweeteners, flavors, flavor enhancer, leavening agent, thickener etc. in puffed food; has antiseptic, quality improver, sweeteners, moon cake, even the baby to drink milk, bezoar acid, vitamin, nutrient supplement (amino acids, trace elements). Food production as long as according to the national standard to add food additives, the food is good.

   Excessive use of hazards
Excessive intake of pigment will cause the body's toxins deposition, the nervous system, digestive system, will cause damage. For example, lemon yellow, which is a yellow industrial raw material, after eating can cause allergic, gastrointestinal irritation, and even cause cancer, but also in this medium containing the toxin will be long-term potential. The state has clearly defined the use of "lemon yellow" as a food additive.
Preservatives is the most important food additive, it has the chemical effect of killing microorganisms or inhibiting the reproduction of its reproduction, although most of the preservatives are non-toxic and low toxicity, but the dosage of the added will produce toxic side effects. It not only affects the health of the food, but also has no small harm to the health of the next generation. Benzoic acid as a low cost, the price is only 1/3 of the acid. Some enterprises in order to save costs, and excessive use of benzoic acid. Some of the equipment is relatively simple and small factory in the addition of preservatives often appear uneven mixing, this will also cause the product of the high content of preservatives. Sulfite carcinogenic risk bigger, it enters the human body after a chemical reaction, generate carcinogenic nitrosamines, liver, esophagus cancer may occur. The relevant departments recently from pepper sauce detected tonyred (1), the same batch of products have been ordered off the shelf recall. Tonyred (1) storm once again sparked concerns about the safety of food additives. In some places, a few food manufacturer unconscionable in food production and processing in the course of the abuse of additives have occurred from time to time. Some sweet potato vermicelli processing in order to increase the fineness of the vermicelli, "diaobaikuai" industrial gelatin and come in handy. According to experts, "diaobaikuai" chemical name is sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, a white block or crystalline powder, due to strong reduction at high temperature, has a bleaching effect, so in the printing and dyeing industry is often used as a dial stain. Scientific research shows that formaldehyde aqueous solution in more than 60 DEG C began to decompose harmful substances and 120 DEG C decomposition of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases. If consumers eat more formaldehyde processed food tend to produce symptoms of headache, fatigue, poor appetite, long-term consumption can cause cancer. Some manufacturers in the processing of canned fruit, illegal use of preservatives, industrial sodium hydroxide, pigment, saccharin, sodium cyclamate, a variety of additives. And our country related to food production standards in the clear provisions of the production of fruit can prohibit the use of any preservatives. Some seeds of melon seed factory production smooth and shiny, the original is because the process add the relevant provisions prohibited the use of alum, industrial salt, talc powder and industrial paraffin substances such as. Alum contains aluminum through the gastrointestinal absorption, deposition in the human body, if more than a certain amount will cause harm to the human body, early symptoms of physical weakness, depression, anxiety, memory loss, serious will cause renal failure, uremia, if in the brain deposition too much can cause dementia and Parkinson's disease.
Should pay attention to the problem
Selection of food additives should be the first to fully understand the Chinese government to develop the relevant food additives health laws and regulations, and strictly follow. In addition, we should also pay attention to food additives for food nutrition should not be destroyed, nor affect the quality and flavor of food; it can not be used to cover up the food spoilage and other defects; selection of additives should be consistent with the corresponding quality indicators for food will not be decomposed into any toxic substances added to food can be analyzed and identified. Consumers better understand the performance and role of food additives, in the purchase of related food, carefully check the name of the additives in the food labels, so that we can avoid the damage to our body, and make full use of the role of food additives, to enrich their own diet. For example, the nutritional composition of some common food additives, vitamins, aspartame, tomato red element itself is a natural food components, also is the human body can be used.
Regulate the development of the industry
Countries in food safety research inputs should be covering the important additive agent for food safety, health, quality and technology supervision department, research institutions, food additive production units and the use of, should fully integrated our dietary structure and habits, the additives used in soy products, condiments, candied fruit, pickles, roasted seeds and nuts and all kinds of drinks, in accordance with the relevant international organizations to develop the risk assessment method, safety evaluation, so as to provide a basis for the formulation of relevant standards. Current national standards for processed foods, industry standards will be adjusted within two years to improve, in the future will be clear in the standard list of all prohibited substances added. To detect the quality of food, it will be the first test of the product may contain harmful substances. Well-known enterprises in the production of food will have regular production process, reasonable into the raw materials, strict monitoring measures and food research laboratories, consumers should buy these quality products have to ensure the production of food, do not eat no manufacturers, shelf life, production batch number or some improper channels of food. To develop brand awareness, to buy food production of well-known enterprises.

      In order to ensure the safety of the use of food additives, there must be strict product quality standards and health standards. According to the introduction, some of the standard cross repeat, the index is not uniform, the use of food additives, food additives has been a lot, but has developed a national standard or industry standard varieties are not many. Some species, which have generally been banned in the world, are still allowed to use in China. Some food additives lack of residue limits and testing methods, the existing regulations on food illegal operators are not enough punishment. Industry sources, the current national standards for processed foods, industry standards are being adjusted and improved, and the food additive standard is the most important. In the future will be clear in the standard list of all prohibited substances added, the detection of food quality, will be the first test of the product may contain harmful substances. Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments will also increase law enforcement efforts, and severely punish the abuse of additives and other threats to food safety behavior, so that people's dining table richer, more environmentally friendly, more safe.
In previous law enforcement inspection, a number of small food workshops in excess of food additives. Warehouse storage of preservatives, antistaling agent, bleaching agent, increasing the thickener product packaging, logo are unclear, some three free products. It can be said that food is a problem, many are due to the illegal use of additives, the abuse of additives has become the biggest threat to food safety. The relevant departments of the State shall take business written report, supervision departments on-site verification and relevant experts and technical checks, the quality and technical supervision departments to be filed, guide the food production and processing enterprises correct choose and buy and use of food additives. For refusing to be real, refused to rectification and intentional violation of the standards of the use or abuse of food additives will be severely punished. Also some food production enterprises in order to cater to consumer psychology, deliberately implicit in the tag to food additives, and even write "does not contain preservatives", "does not contain any food additive" and other words. For the consumer fraud act, quality supervision departments should also be punished. In fact, food additives for the whole food industry is not, there is no modern food additives industry, nor is there a modern food industry. For all kinds of food additives, food additives, should be assured that the use of national standards, consumers can rest assured that consumption. At the same time, but also through strict legislation and law enforcement, to crack down on some food companies abuse of food additives and so on illegal behavior, establish a good health food production and marketing. More importantly, we must vigorously promote and popularize the scientific knowledge of food nutrition and safety, the right to guide consumers to the right choice and consumption of food.


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