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EU food additive uniform standard

Time: 2015-11-25 09:48:25Copyfrom: Nantong alchemy biotech development Co., Ltd.

According to Thailand "world news" reported on August 26, the Thai Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department Changan Phi lardy 25 said that EU countries in July 2007 on the establishment of food use additive certification system to reach a resolution, to use a unified standard in the European Union, the of food additive regulations estimated in 2007 officially in the EU countries in the implementation and all entering the EU market of food with a standard implementation in 2010. According to this resolution and the implementation of the standards, the use of more than 300 food additives will be re examined and confirmed its security.
Ann put lardy 25, said that the EU countries in July 2007 on the establishment of food additive certification system issues to reach a consensus, the relevant departments of the European Union will develop a unified standard for the management of food additives in order to carry out in the member states of the European Union, it is estimated that in 2007 the provisions can be introduced, and from 2010 onwards of all access to the EU market of foods. According to the spirit of the system involved in food additives to add the pigment, seasoning and adjust the taste of additives will be more stringent requirements, with the introduction of this provision, the current approval of the use of more than 300 food additives will also be re certified. Therefore, the future of new food additives will be banned in the food processing process, and the use of baby food additives will also be more stringent management.


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