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Food additives: scientific understanding of food preservatives

Time: 2015-11-25 09:49:57Copyfrom: Nantong alchemy biotech development Co., Ltd.
Today, some food will be in the packaging, advertising, no preservatives, it seems that preservatives have become a food killer, the health is very bad. Many consumers also have a suspicion and prevention of psychological, as a preservative for the general. Fact
If so?
"The real nature of preservatives"
China Agricultural University food science and nutrition Engineering College of long-term food additives research professor Gao Yanxiang introduced, preservatives are
Refers to the prevention of corruption caused by the main microorganisms, in order to prolong the food preservation period of food additives.
According to China's "food additives health management approach", currently allows preservatives used in a certain amount of 30 kinds, including: benzoic acid and its sodium salt, sorbic acid and potassium, Lactococcus lactis, sulfur dioxide, coke sulfite sodium (potassium), vinegar and dehydrogenation
Acid, which is used more is the acid and benzoic acid and benzoic acid and its salts. Other countries in the world to allow the use of a variety of food preservatives
Also many, the United States to allow the use of food preservatives are more than 50 kinds, there are more than 40 kinds of japan.
In fact, preservatives have already entered our daily life, in the food is widely used. Generally speaking, there are benzoic acid in soy sauce
Sodium, bread and beans products in calcium propionate, potassium sorbate pickles, jams, condiments and beverages, wine Lian will sub
Sulfate corrosion.
Preservatives on the safe use of
Professor Gao Yanxiang believes that the food additive health management approach contains more than 30 kinds of preservatives have been too strict security
In correct use, the use of the scope, the use of the amount of its security can be fully guaranteed.
Safe use of preservatives is not only harmless and useful. Because the food contains more nutrients, easy to breed bacteria, lead
Metamorphism. In addition, the food is put on the shelf, often after a long distance transportation and long-term storage, easy to degenerate. Add preservatives
In order to prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in food, it is a necessary means to ensure the safety of consumers to enjoy the fresh food.
The majority of food preservatives can be used by the human body metabolism, rational use of human body is harmless. As for some food safety in the past
Total accidents, mostly because of the food production process is not strictly enforced the relevant provisions and standards, or excessive add preservatives, or anti-corrosion
Agent itself is not the quality of clearance, and is not the preservative itself, the sin".
Correct treatment of preservatives
Thus, we do not need to "turning pale at the mention of preservatives", but should be a scientific and rational attitude towards preservatives.
Consumers should pay attention to check out the packaging in the choice of food. If preservatives used in the food, it should be labeled with the anti-corrosion
Agent name. Consumers can pass the relevant departments to understand whether the use of these preservatives in the state approval of the list. If illegal
Use of preservatives, in a timely manner to the relevant regulatory authorities to report complaints. At the same time, should pay attention to the accumulation of food consumption knowledge, understanding
Basic knowledge of food preservatives, in the purchase of food to improve their ability to judge.


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